Faced with hot weather, Dubai makes it rain artificially

The United Arab Emirates have developed a technique that boosts clouds and makes it rain!

In Dubai, in summer, the thermometer can regularly exceed 50°. To cool down the inhabitants, the United Arab Emirates decided to take things in hand and create artificial rain. In collaboration with the British University of Reading, and with millions of dollars in development, Dubai has become the master of weather. To create rain, a plane hovers in the Emirates’ sky and launches drones into the clouds, which release electrical discharges and cause precipitation.

Authorities have flown these drones 126 times this year. Each flight lasts two to three hours. Artificial showers could be beneficial to agriculture in times of drought. You will also soon be able to cool off by taking a walk on “Raining Street”: a 1 km long pedestrian street where it will start to rain when temperatures exceed 27 degrees. The intensity of the rain is adjustable, alternating between showers, breezes or moderate precipitation depending on the weather. The street is being built as part of the emirate’s “The World Islands’ Heart Of Europe” project, and “Raining Street” hopes to provide visitors with a soothing rain to ease the scorching desert heat. 

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Faced with hot weather, Dubai makes it rain artificially