Spirit 111: the largest wooden yacht in the world!

In Ipswich, England, an incredible 34-meter sloop combining tradition and modernity has been launched: the Spirit 111, designed and built by SPirit Yachts. 

 The Spirit 111 is a pure creation of the yard and in-house architect, Sean McMillan. It is also the largest wooden yacht built in England and in the world since the launch of Shamrock V, in the 1930s. An amazing boat by its size, but also and especially by its ultramodern design, as shown by the shape of the deckhouse and the round accommodation. Three cabins in 34 m of hull.

Its definitely contemporary side is also affirmed by the auxiliary propulsion. It is ensured by a 100 kW electric motor powered by a battery pack providing 40 miles of autonomy at 8 knots. A lot of work has been done on the optimization of the electrical installations, designed in all points to be particularly sober.

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Spirit 111: the largest wooden yacht in the world!