Arkup’s first 100% autonomous habitable yachts

The American-French company Arkup has just launched a new concept of 100% habitable yacht. Whether they are a primary or secondary residence, these yachts are versatile. They can be designed as an event space, restaurant, art gallery or even a spa!

Based on the model of what is already practiced in the Netherlands or in some coastal cities of Northern California, the idea came to the creators to overcome the lack of housing available in major cities around the world by creating real floating homes.

After two years of research and development, design and engineering with the know-how of more than 20 specialists and professionals the result is there. Arkup becomes the first company to develop habitable yachts powered 100% by solar energy. The company aims for perfection by combining architecture/structure and luxury, contemporary interior design with cutting-edge technologies. These 400m2 villas, designed for year-round use, can withstand hurricanes and high winds (up to 230 km/h). 4 hydraulic piles allow the constructions to be completely stabilized.

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Arkup’s first 100% autonomous habitable yachts