Marassi P&O to build watersports academy in Dubai

The project is to transform a marine sports entertainment centre of international standards into the largest centre for the yacht industry and economy.

Pindar Yacht will organise promotional sailing activities there, using its two Volvo Ocean Race Yachts, customised and branded as P&O Marinas. The yachts, Mina and Marina, will be moored at Mina Rashid Marina. Mina Rashid Boat and Yacht Marina has a proven track record of growth and expansion in the Emirates. It is a regional hub for boats, yachts and marine sports enthusiasts. It is also the main driver for Marassi P&O to develop its market presence in this sector, especially with its infrastructure supporting the promotion of Dubai as a global tourism destination.

The Marassi P&O and Pindar Yacht Management partnership paves the way for the implementation of the plan for the next phase of development of Mina Rashid. It aims to make Port Rashid the best destination for luxury boats and yachts in the region. The P&O Marinas team also plans to prepare for marine races.

The new Mina Rashid Marina aims to become a regional marine centre (watersports, leisure club, exhibition space and a range of associated marine leisure services and facilities).

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Marassi P&O to build watersports academy in Dubai