Saudi Arabia to host World Defense Show

The World Defense Show will be held in Riyadh from 6 to 9 March 2022 and will bring together the defence and security world to demonstrate the integration and future of defence interoperability in air, land, security, space… and sea.

Focusing on interoperability between innovative air, land and sea security and defence technologies and satellite-based defence systems, the World Defense Show will provide local and international companies, military and security industry players and visitors with a unified, high-value platform for global defence exhibitions. The launch of the exhibition, which will take place every two years, marks an exciting moment for the defence industry and is a step forward in the ambition and scope of a defence exhibition.

The World Defense Show will also contribute to strengthening cooperation between Saudi Arabia and its partners in the defence industry. According to the Saudi channel, the four-day World Defence Exhibition takes place in an international context marked by technical developments that amplify the risks to be taken into consideration in the field of defence, which have become increasingly complex, hence the need to create a platform that will bring together the defence community to collectively examine the opportunities and challenges facing the world.

The exhibition will feature comprehensive and interactive demonstrations of integrated defence technology solutions, as well as conferences and seminars. The exhibition site will cover 80,000 m2 of exhibition and outdoor space and will include demonstration areas and virtual technology capabilities.

The latest maritime, defence and security systems will be revealed through augmented reality demonstrations to showcase naval technologies and weaponry. It is already possible to virtually explore current and future solutions that will transform the way naval forces interact with all necessary defence and security systems on the dedicated website:

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Saudi Arabia to host World Defense Show