Lazzarini’s zoomorphic mega-yacht: Avanguardia

Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini of the Lazzarini design studio made a name for himself with his Jet Capsule concept. He has created an equally original yacht: the Avanguardia. With a very pure, stylized form, it has above all a swan shape. It is 137 meters long. 

Its name means “Avant-garde” because it has a really “avant-garde” installation with a cockpit which represents the head of the swan and a removable cockpit.

It has two electric motors with a Rolls-Royce MTU thermal engine that will allow it to reach a maximum speed of 18 knots. The Avanguardia Yacht is proposed with 5 decks on a height of 18 meters that can accommodate up to 60 passengers in cruise. There are also relaxation areas with terraces and swimming pools. On the upper floors, the yacht has two helipads.

At the back, the Avanguardia has a large circular garage to allow for two Jet Capsules and on the side openings, we can find spaces for cars. These two Jet Capsules are electrically charged when connected to the yacht.

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Lazzarini’s zoomorphic mega-yacht: Avanguardia