Meet WHY200: Wally’s first hybrid yacht

The Italian manufacturer Wally, specialized in the production of high end, fast open launches, unveiled the WHY200, a futuristic superyacht of 88 feet.

With naval architecture from Laurent Giles and interior design provided by Vallicelli Design Studio, the WHY200 provides the space and volume benefits of a much larger vessel thanks to its innovative full-wide-body design generating more than 2,153 sqft of indoor living space as well as 1,550 sqft of exterior decks. The breakthrough wrap-around main deck in glass provides the sensational and unprecedented owner’s suite at the bow, which takes the on board experience to a whole new level.

The fold-out wings expand the beach club area with access to the sea on three sides. The two concealed garages provide unprecedented storage capacity for the yacht’s size category.

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Meet WHY200: Wally’s first hybrid yacht