Best new yachts of the month

Despite the difficult international context, the yacht market is keeping its head above water and continues to make people dream. Discover the latest gems ready to take on the waves of 2021. 

Superyacht Columbus S50 K2

Designed entirely by Luca Dini, this superyacht stands out from the crowd at first glance. Striking lines, vertical bow, almost 50 meters long, open-air cinema and facilities for thrill seekers… this giant of the seas has all the makings of a great.

Superyacht Haze

More modest than the K2, the Haze has the advantage of offering luxury accommodation with a reduced carbon footprint.Designed by Francesco Guida, this superyacht is equipped with photovoltaic cells that produce green energy for use on board.

Superyacht Blue II

Blue II is the superyacht that combines tradition and modernity. Blue II’s retro-chic profile recalls the spirit of the swinging sixties. But don’t let the nostalgic look fool you: this superyacht is packed with state-of-the-art comfort and hybrid technology. This is the studio’s first and only motor yacht project. Her magnificent steel hull is designed to take on the Arctic. Hot on the trail!

Superyacht EIV

Blending Italian charm and American power, EIV has the look of a sports car. Its continuous glass and air grills make it as designer as it is comfortable. Lovers of luxury and detail will also appreciate the Murano glass artwork, stainless steel, silks and marble that decorate its interior.

Superyacht Lana

Modernity, comfort, luxury and gigantism: welcome aboard the superyacht Lana. At 107 meters long, the ship offers five decks and state-of-the-art amenities. Water games, beach club, state-of-the-art gym… everything is designed to meet the needs of guests who will be able to relax aboard eight spacious cabins all equipped with bathroom.

Lana, Imperial Yachts, Malta
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Best new yachts of the month