How the yacht industry is weathering the crisis

The health crisis did not get the better of the yachting industry. Even though the tourism and hotel sectors were among the most affected by Covid-19, yacht sales and rentals did not slow down as much as one might have thought. It must be said that the sector’s assets meet the needs of the moment… 

Freedom and privacy: two assets against Covid-19

It would be wrong to say that the health crisis has had no impact on the yachting industry. But while sales and rentals initially dropped off sharply during the first periods of containment, the appeal of this privileged sector quickly grew. 

The reason for this unexpected craze? A match between the services offered and the needs of the moment. The clients of the sector saw in yachting the possibility to isolate themselves and to spend moments in great intimacy. The freedom of movement offered by yacht cruises is another attraction that has kept sales and locations afloat. 

Digital to the rescue of yachting

The cancellation of boat shows, key events for the yachting industry, could have been fatal for the sector. 

At these events, companies have the opportunity to showcase their new yachts. The temporary disappearance of the Monaco Yacht Show and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show could have put a major shadow on business. But that was without taking into account the growing digital craze. Customers have gradually adapted to using digital tools to charter and, in some cases, purchase yachts. Many buyers have taken the plunge by simply viewing their future yacht from a distance.

If Covid-19 does not seem to mark the end of the yachting industry, the upheavals caused by this virus could however mark the beginning of a new approach where the real luxury is distance!

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How the yacht industry is weathering the crisis